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This can't be happening, I can't have a flaw, I'm supposed to be flawless! If I'm not perfect then who am I? If you're not Pink, then, who are you? Who is anyone?

Steven: You know, if you just let everyone be whoever they are, maybe you could let yourself be whoever you are too.

But I'm not supposed to be like this! I'm supposed to know better, I'm supposed to be better, I'm supposed to make everything better!

Steven: You can! But first, you're gonna have to leave your own head.

—White Diamond and Steven, "Change Your Mind

White Diamond is a Homeworld Gem and former antagonist in Steven Universe, as well as a supporting character in its epilogue series Steven Universe Future.


White Diamond is a massive Gem with a tall and curvy body. Her skin is white and she has two very light gray eyes with white diamond-shaped pupils, a sloped nose, and full lips with black lipstick. Her hair is white and is short with five main spikes, somewhat resembling a star. Her gemstone is located on her forehead and is white.

She wears a white and light gray leotard with a gray and dark gray shawl with white diamonds on it along with detailed white high heeled sandals.


White is described as being difficult and has a temper that can take a while to cool down: She appeared both calm and understanding during her first meeting with Steven, greeting him (as Pink Diamond) warmly despite his appearance bearing no resemblance to how Pink Diamond actually looked. However, White is curt and dismissive, interrupting Steven whenever he tries to speak to her, and then immediately sends him away to another room without warning as soon as she is done. She treats the entire affair with the Earth, the Rebellion, Pink's faked shattering and absence for the last 6,000 years with a mixture of patronization and nonchalance, remarking it all being simply one of "Pink's games" and asks Steven (as Pink) if he "had fun" and "got it out of [his] system." According to Yellow Diamond, White never leaves her ship and never lets anyone in a few cases or incidents (such as Pink/Steven's return to Homeworld), so it may be possible that she is a bit reclusive. According to Blue Diamond, she has no sense of humor, being furious with Pink for naming a batch of Pyrite "fool's gold". Despite this, White has a certain soft spot for Pink, joining the other Diamonds in Blue's Pool Chamber to play games such as guessing what song Pink was singing underwater.

It is displayed in "Change Your Mind" that White Diamond is an arrogant perfectionist, making the other gems better by generously "removing their flaws". When she took control of the Crystal Gems, she told Steven that "there is nothing to hinder [her] white light sparkling through them" and saying that they are now "perfect". White Diamond has strict expectations on the way other Gems should behave, causing an immense pressure that Yellow Diamond says could "crack a Gem." She takes this obsession so far that she breaks down after she becomes emotional, going as far as saying emotions are a flaw. This reveals her biggest flaw/fear: atelophobia.


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White Diamond possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability. However, since she is a Diamond, her abilities are expected to be much greater than other Gems. Since both Yellow and Blue Diamond showed fear of her, it could be concluded that she is much more powerful than the other Diamonds and Gems are.


Unique Abilities[]

  • Aura Projection: The Diamonds can project an aura around them that they can control, either radiating it from their entire bodies or emitting it from specific parts of their bodies such as their hands. White's aura was shown around her hand as a white corona-like flare around it. Not much has been shown of her aura, but she used it during the Diamonds' final attack against the Crystal Gems.
  • Corruption Induction: Though the attack was meant to destroy the Crystal Gems, White, Yellow, and Blue's collective powers instead corrupted every single remaining Gem on Earth.
  • Corruption Reversal: Along with Pink/Steven, Yellow and Blue, White has the ability to reverse the effects of the Corrupting Light on Gems.
  • Mind Control: By zapping another Gem's gemstone with a white ray of light, White Diamond removes that Gem's color, putting them under her control. Controlled Gems generally mimic her movements, speech, and emotional state, though White can command them to perform specific actions or say certain things. Once released, Gems are disoriented and appear to have no memory of what happened or what they did while controlled.
  • Power Bestowal: When White Diamond takes control of a Gem, they can gain access to new abilities, such as transportation via a white bubble/capsule, intangibility, and the projection of her controlling light from their eyes.


Image Description
White Diamond's gemstone is located on her forehead. It is in the shape of an upright five-sided diamond.