First appearance of Albite, Orthoclase, and Moonstone
Drawing of Moonstone with some personality info
Animation of Orthoclase summoning her chakrams
Sneak peak of Moonstone's fusion dance
Animation of Moonstone's fusion dance
Turnaround sheet for Albite
Turnaround sheet for Orthoclase
Animation of Albite summoning her spear
Drawing of Moonstone in casual clothing
Animation of Moonstone using her scythe
The background
Moonstone origin comic part 1
WIP Moonstone turnaround animation
Moonstone origin comic part 2
Rough Moonstone sketches
Orthoclase holding Albite sketch
Sneak peak of Moonstone meeting Steven
Animation of Moonstone meeting Steven
Drawing of Moonstone with Ice
Moonstone reacting to kind messages
Animation of Smoky Quartz
Quick summary on Moonstone, including abilities
Drawing of Cherry Quartz
Drawing of Rose Quartz
Animation of Stevonnie
Drawing of Amethyst and Peridot
Animation of Lapis Lazuli
Moonstone origin comic part 3
When asked about Moonstone's clothing
Moonstone ref
Albite + Orthoclase = Moonstone
Orthoclase fighting the-g3stalt's Citrine
Moonstone animation study
Moonstone complimenting sensation-inspirational's Covellite
Moonstone origin comic part 4
ask-citrine's Citrine hugging Moonstone
Moonstone's flirtly back eyes
Space girlfriends
Moonstone meeting rwbshit's Pink Halite
Albite, Orthoclase, and Moonstone gemstones
KJD explaining the design process for Moonstone
Moonstone meeting enfpnepeta's Citrine
Moonstone height comparison
Moonstone height comparison to Albite and Orthoclase
Moonstone trying to keep it together
Drawing of Stevonnie
Fusion of Peridot and Lapis, Apatite
Happy Moonstone
Fusion of Moonstone and sensation-inspirational's Covellite, Mystic Topaz
Information about Albite and Orthoclase
Lapis Lazuli fanart
Height comparison to the Crystal Gems
Height comparison to Peridot, Lapis, and Steven
Moonstone model sheet
Explanation of Albites' deafness
Moonstone in formalwear
Moonstone and Albite fusing (GIF)
Moonstone and Albite fusing (video)
Moonstone's abilities
Moonstone chilling animation
When asked about Moonstone's alignment
Albite, Orthoclase, and Moonstone's voice actors

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