Titanium (originally Titanium Quartz) is KJD's interpretation of the fusion of Rose Quartz and Bismuth.

Appearance Edit

Titanium has purple-mauve skin and has a wide and large upper body, a wide waist, four arms, and somewhat stubby legs. She has four small eyes, with the top pair being the smallest and having black pupils, and the lower pair being slightly larger and having black pupils. She also has a small nose and defined lips with purple lipstick. She has thick, shoulder-length hair that is styled similar to dreadlocks, and is colored multiple shades of purple which include dark purple, medium purple, and lilac. She has four arms, with the top pair being at her shoulders and being muscular with purple star tattoos reminiscent of Bismuth’s tattoos, and she has a shorter pair of arms at her waist which are still thick but less muscular. Her gemstones are located on her chest and navel, and are yellow, pink, blue, and purple in color.

She wears a small bandana around her forehead that is dark purple and has a small light purple star. She also wears silver armor that takes the shape of a strapless bikini top, and she also has silver armor-like bracelets on her top pair of arms. She has an under shirt that is black and is cut as a tank top that exposes her stomach. She wears dark purple leggings with black at the ends and has an apron like Bismuth’s that is white and has a reverse triangle shape cut at the end. She is also barefoot, and her leggings reach to the middle of her feet.

Personality Edit

Nothing is known about Titanium Quartz's personality yet.

Abilities Edit

Titanium Quartz possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

  • Shapeshifting Weapons: An ability inherited from Bismuth, Titanium Quartz is able to shapeshift both of her hands into several types of weapons or tools.
  • Thermal Resistance: An ability inherited from Bismuth, Titanium Quartz is very resistant to high temperatures. She can shower in lava as if it were water and collect samples of lava with her bare hands, showing no visible injuries.
  • Shield proficiency: Titanium Quartz can summon Rose's shield, and is skilled when wielding it.
  • Phytokinesis: Inherited from Rose, Titanium Quartz can control and create plant life.
  • Healing powers: Inherited from Rose, Titanium Quartz has the power to heal. This can be used to heal common injuries, or fix a cracked gemstone.

Gemology Edit

Titanium Quartz

Gemstone Information

  • Titanium (Flame) Aura is a form of Quartz, which is combined with titanium. Titanium molecules are bound to the quartz by the natural elector-static charge of the crystal.
  • The vibrational energy, along with the color of this crystal has the ability to heal the human energy field. Together they merge with the aura to release any energy blocks and patch up holes in the aura by its color.
  • It is stimulating to the auric field and meridians, acting as a prism for soul-level energy, infusing the aura with a rainbow spectrum of light.
  • Titanium Aura allows for one to go deep into meditation to receive spiritual attunement.
  • Overall this crystal is one that brings insight, compassion, energy, excitement and joy into life’s experiences.

Gemstones Edit

Image Description
Titanium Q Bismuth Gemstone
Bismuth's gemstone is located on her chest. It is rectangular and hollow.

Titanium Q Rose Quartz Gemstone
Rose Quartz's gemstone is located on her navel. It features a pentagonal facet and is circular in shape.

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