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Spectrolite is the hypothetical fusion of Moonstone (and, by extension, Albite and Orthoclase) and Bismuth.


Spectrolite has a muscular and somewhat curvy build with four arms, a wide waist, and curvy legs. Her skin is periwinkle and she’s got four light yellow eyes with black pupils and dark purple scleras. She also has a sloped nose and a mouth with buck teeth and plump lips. Her hair is mostly shaved, having a wavy bang and bun that are teal, light blue, royal blue, purple, and magenta in color. Her arms sprout from her shoulders and are thick and muscular. Her gemstones are on her chest and navel and are light yellow, blue, and purple.

She wears a bright navy blue sleeveless bodysuit with a teal and dark purple apron that is tied with a bright purple and light yellow belt.


Spectrolite is described as being really cocky but very friendly as well.[1]


Spectrolite possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.


  • Scythe Proficiency: Spectrolite can summon Moonstone’s scythe.

Unique Abilities[]

  • Telepathy: Spectrolite has the ability to connect with another Gems’s mind and sense the Gems nearby, and ability inherited from Albite.
  • Night Vision: Spectrolite has the ability to see in pitch black with her back eyes.
  • Acrobatic Skills: Spectrolite can be very agile and flexible in battle.
  • Shapeshifting Weapons: Spectrolite is easily able to shapeshifting her arms into several types of weapons or tools.
  • Thermal Resistance: Spectrolite is incredibly immune to high temperatures. She can shower in lava as if it were water and can collect samples of lava with her bare hands, showing no visible injuries.



  • Spectrolite is a unique variety of labradorite with the chemical formula (NaCa)2Si2O8.
  • What makes it unique is the high amounts of labradorescence it portrays, with that being an optical effect certain minerals have.
  • Spectrolite has a similar very colorful appearance to labradorite, however it is much brighter and more vibrant.
  • While labradorite is found in many places, spectrolite is exclusively found in Finland.
  • Because of how unique and colorful it looks, spectrolite is cherished and valued for use in collection and jewelry.
  • Spectrolite has the Mohs Hardness Scale rating of 6-6.5, being the same as labradorite.
  • Spectrolite is associated with relieving stress and anxiety.


Image Description
Orthoclase’s gemstone is located on her chest. It features a large square facet and is circular in shape.

Bismuth - Gem (1).png
Bismuth’s gemstone is located on her chest. It is rectangular and hollow.
Albite’s gemstone is located on her midriff. It is unfaceted and ovalline in shape.


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