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Sodalite is KJD's interpretation of the fusion of Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli.


Sodalite has an appearance similar to that of other Sodalites, as she is tall and slim with four arms and hair covering her forehead. Her skin is dark royal blue and she has an unknown amount of eyes, a small nose, and full lips. Her hair is very dark blue and is short and somewhat messy, having flared edges and being sloped upward in the back. Her gemstones are on her upper back and in the palm of her upper right hand and are dark blue.

Pre-regeneration (debut)[]

She wore a dark blue and very dark navy blue dress with shoulder pads and long dark navy blue gloves on all four of her hands. The top of her skirt has a dark blue accent while the rest of it is long and flowy and is very dark navy blue.

Post-regeneration (current)[]

She now wears a very dark navy blue backless shirt with poofy sleeves that extend into long sleeves, silver bracelets on her bottom pair of hands, and a matching silver waistband. She has a dark royal blue miniskirt with long and flowy very dark navy blue pants that are very flowy and flared, and they’re royal blue on the inside.


Nothing is known about Sodalite’s personality yet.


Sodalite posses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.


Unique Abilities[]

  • Hydrokinesis: Sodalite has control over Lapis Lazuli’s ability to control water.
  • Future Vision: Sodalite can see multiple future outcomes and probabilities.
  • Cryokinesis: Sodalite can drastically lower the temperature of her surroundings, even forming ice on the walls and freezing water.
  • Levitation: Sodalite can hover in the air at will.
  • Ice Wings: Sodalite can summon a pair of ice wings that she can use to fly.
  • Ice Manipulation: Sodalite can generate and manipulate ice.



Gemstone Information

  • Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral that has the chemical formula Na8(Al6Si6O24)Cl2.
  • Sodalite comes in multiple varieties, with the most expensive one being the rare hackmanite variety.
  • Usually sodalite is a deep blue color, being opaque. Different varieties of it however can have other colors and often do.
  • Sodalite is a popular mineral for collectors, being tumbled into stones and polished into cabochons and palm stones.
  • Sodalite was discovered in Greenland but is usually found in Norway and Afghanistan.
  • All varieties of sodalite have he Mohs Hardness Scale rating of 5.5-6.
  • Sodalite is thought to be a stone of intellect and understanding.


Image Description
Sapphire’s gemstone is located in the palm of her right hand, featuring a triangular facet. It is an octahedron, specifically a truncated trigonal dipyramid.

Lapis Lazuli’s gemstone is located in the center of her back and is smooth without any facets. It is shaped like a teardrop.