Sea Glass is KJD’s interpretation of the fusion of Steven Universe, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli.

Appearance Edit

Sea Glass has a mostly slim body with four arms, a rounded chest, and four legs. Their skin is a unknown color and they have six eyes, a small nose, and a mouth with undefined lips and a chipped tooth. Their hair is short and is very messy and voluminous. Their arms come from their shoulders while their legs split at the knees, with all of their limbs being slight bulky. Their gemstones are on their forehead, navel, and upper back and are likely dull blue.

They wear Steven's shirt overtop of Lapi's shirt along with Steven's jeans, and they're barefoot on all four of their feet.

Personality Edit

They appear to be chill, having a surfer dude energy.

Abilities Edit

Sea Glass possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Skillset Edit

  • Shield Proficiency: Sea Glass can summon Steven’s shield.

Unique Abilities Edit

  • Hydrokinesis: Sea Glass has control over Lapis Lazuli’s ability to control water.
    • Flight: They can create water wings using their hydrokinesis and, presumably, fly.
  • Ferrokinesis: Sea Glass possesses Peridot's ability to manipulate metal.
  • Phytokinesis: They possess the ability to grow sentient fauna and flora.
  • Bubble Shield: Tangerine Quartz can summon an incredibly durable bubble. In addition, they can expand the bubble to push away enemies.
  • Empathic Telepathy: They can connect with another human or gem's mind.
  • Speed of Descent Regulation: They possess Steven's ability to control their speed of descent based on emotion.

Gemology Edit


Gemstone Information

  • Sea glass is a form of glass, giving it a varied chemical formula.
  • Sea glass is formed when pieces and shards of glass are weather and sanded naturally in the ocean.
  • Because of this sea glass is matte and not sharp.
  • Its color depends on what color the glass originally was, as it can be practically any color imaginable.
  • Because of how much glass is created and used, there is a surplus of sea glass, and it can be found in practically every large beach and body of water.
  • While most stones are faceted into gemstones or tumbled and polished, sea glass is left along, instead being drilled into beads and strung onto necklaces.
  • Handling sea glass is said to be relaxing and calming, helping with nervousness.
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