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Sardonyx is the fusion of Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire, and an original character that appears in Steven Universe.


Sardonyx has an appearance similar to that of other Sardonyxes, as she is tall and curvy with four arms and short hair. Her skin is a burgundy color, and she has four small burgundy eyes, a pointed nose, and plump lips. She has hair that is shaped like a very rounded triangle, and it is light peach in color. The top pair of her arms come from her shoulders, while the second pair come from her waist, and they’re all long and skinny. Her gemstones are on her forehead and in the palms of her upper left and right hands and are light orange.

She wears a short black and white jacket with a salmon bow tie, long white gloves, and dull plum and black pants with dull maroon shoes.


Sardonyx appears to have a combination of Garnet and Pearl's personalities, acting decidedly theatrical while also being able to keep up an intelligent conversation. Her demeanor is, for the most part, quite dramatic, as she prefers conversing with her peers in a matter similar to how a master of ceremonies would be to her audience, which fits her formal dress appearance. She seems to be snarky and witty, often laughs at her own jokes and remarks in a very pompous and comedic manner. She also seems to hold a very cheerful attitude towards almost anything as seen when she takes down the Communication Hub.


Sardonyx possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

When in battle, Sardonyx is both graceful and accurate, but also powerful and rather playful, messing with her opponents or audience with tricks and jokes. Despite this, she is usually quite tactical, thinking things up before acting, to make things perfect.



  • War Hammer Proficiency: Sardonyx can combine Garnet's gauntlets and put them on the end of Pearl's spear facing inwards to make a hammer. Her use of the war hammer is methodical in approach. She uses precise, keen strikes on specific areas to inflict the most damage while also reducing the amount of effort needed to take down a structure or opponent.
    • Drill Transformation: By rapidly spinning the top part of her hammer, Sardonyx can transform her weapon into a drill that could easily break through the walls of the Ancient Gem Colony Ship that Garnet's gauntlets and Pearl's spear alone could not dent.

Unique Abilities[]

  • Anatomy Manipulation: Sardonyx has been shown to have "doll joints", body segments that have full rotation independent of the rest of her body. During her initial attack on the Communication Hub, she was seen to spin her upper body above the sash while talking to Steven, her arms are seen moving separately from the rest of her body throughout the scene, and during the final strike, her whole body is spinning on one joint while her feet remain immobile. In "Back to the Moon", it is shown that not only can her waist spin in this fashion but also her neck. She can swing her body around without taking her eyes off  Mega Ruby. In "Know Your Fusion", Sardonyx was able to move through the cramped space of the house and the Temple Gate with minimal difficulty.
  • Enhanced Calculations: Sardonyx could knock out the correct pillars to make sure the hub did not collapse until she wanted it to. She may have inherited this from Garnet, who mentions her ability to sense structural integrity in the episode "Cheeseburger Backpack". Alternatively, this could have come from Sapphire's future vision; she may have been able to see if knocking down a certain pillar may have caused the entire hub to collapse. She may have also inherited this from Pearl, who is precise and accurate.
    • As with Garnet, it is currently unknown whether this is a Gem ability/power that is inherited from Ruby/Sapphire unique to both Garnet and Sardonyx or simple observation.



Gemstone Information

  • Sardonyx is a special type of banded onyx that has the chemical formula SiO2, making it a type of quartz.
  • Like the name would entail, sardonyx is a combination of onyx with alternating bands of sard or carnelian in it.
  • Sardonyx has a very unique appearance, being banded and displaying a huge range of warm and rich colors.
  • Sardonyx is a popular mineral for jewelry, not being faceted but instead polished into palm stones.
  • In order to be found onyx and carnelian must grow together, leaving India as the main producer.
  • Sardonyx, like its components, has the Mohs Hardness Scale rating of 7.
  • Sardonyx is thought to be able to strengthen partnerships and romantic relationships.


Image Description
Sardonyx Pearl Gemstone.png
Pearl’s gemstone is located in the center of her forehead. It is a smooth ellipsoid with no facets.

Sardonyx Ruby Gemstone.png
Ruby’s gemstone is located on the palm of her left hand, featuring a squared facet. It is a decahedron, specifically a truncated tetragonal dipyramid.
Sardonyx Sapphire Gemstone.png
Sapphire’s gemstone is located on the palm of her right hand, featuring a triangular facet. It is an octahedron, specifically a truncated trigonal dipyramid.