Rhodochrosite is KJD's interpretation of the fusion of the Rutile Twins and Rose Quartz

Appearance Edit

Rhodochrosite has three heads, two pairs of arms, and a body that is slim but also curvy. Her skin is a soft reddish pink color and she has six eyes, with one pair being on each head, small noses and defined pink lips. Each head has the same hairstyle, which is a dark reddish pink updo that is unique in shape and has a trim of darker reddish pink and two light pink points at each temple. The three heads all have long necks that connect at the shoulders which is where one of her sets of arms come out, and they are thick and muscular, while her other pair of arms are much slimmer and come from behind. She has a small waist and large rounded hips and an unknown number and shape of legs. Her gemstones are above her naval and at her naval, and they are all reddish pink.

She wears a sleeveless dress that has a pink and light pink and reddish pink and darker reddish pink upper part with a tight lower dress that flares out at the feet and is reddish pink, pink, and light pink.

Personality Edit

The middle head does most of the talking, while the heads on the side repeat what the middle says. They all have equal control over the fusion though, like, there’s not a “Rose head” or anything even though one looks more like her

Abilities Edit

Rhodochrosite possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

  • Shield Proficiency: Rhodochrosite had the ability to summon her shield to protect loved ones.
  • Sword Proficiency: Rhodochrosite had shown to possess great skill when wielding her sword.
  • Healing: Rhodocrosite manifested her ability to heal through her tears. Her tears could heal broken Gems/gemstones, and heal other creatures of general injuries.
  • Phytokinesis: Rhodocrosite had the ability to grow sentient flora that acted as her guardians.
  • Enhanced Strength: Rhodocrosite had strenght fit for a soldier
  • Photokinesis: She had the ability of projecting a flash of rose colored light from her gemstone
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