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Pink Diamond was a Homeworld Gem, and an original character that appears in Steven Universe. KJD has made a hypothetical replacement for her.


Pink Diamond has a tall body with thin arms, wide hips, and long legs. Her skin is bubblegum pink and she has two pink eyes with black diamond-shaped pupils, a sloped and pointed nose, and full lips with pink lipstick. Her hair is light pink and is in a short afro. Her gemstone is located on her navel and is pink.

She wears a pink and dark pink bodysuit with pink and white shoulder pads, pink gloves, very light pink tights, and pink ballet flats with light pink pom poms.


As portrayed by Stevonnie, Pink Diamond evidently appeared to be a bubbly, over-friendly Gem, showing excitement at the idea of contacting a fleet. She apparently had an assertive personality, expressing her feelings quite loudly most likely to display her beliefs that she belonged to the Great Diamond Authority. In contrast, Pink also seemed to be short-tempered, immature, possessive, selfish, spoiled and needy. This was shown when she demanded a world and fleet of her own, threw a tantrum and angrily punched one of the glass dome panes of Yellow Diamond's jungle moon base after being told to act like she was significant.

Unlike the other Diamonds and even before rebelling, Pink rejected the Gem hierarchy and was extremely informal with her servants. She treated everyone equally, being somewhat exasperated at Pearl's overly formal nature and instead acting as her friend. She wanted to greet and play around with her Gems emerging on Earth, saying how happy she was to be "fitting in" with the Prime Kindergarten Amethysts while posing as a Rose Quartz. As seen in her discussion with Pearl in "A Single Pale Rose", Pink was excited and happy about leaving her life as a Diamond behind, living rather happily with her friends after the war for thousands of years in which she told a younger Greg Universe she never missed her previous home or life.

Despite the negative qualities seen in initial war flashbacks and her first appearance, Pink truly possessed a worldview much like that of her human son Steven's: She had a bright, positive and adventurous personality that wanted nothing more than to explore Earth and have fun with her fellow Gems. Her growing love for the life on Earth and efforts to save it from the other Diamonds seemingly matured her, even fighting against her own Homeworld and gathered the Crystal Gems. As seen when she fought as Rose Quartz she was courageous, fighting on the front lines of the war which unfortunately caused heated arguments between her and Pearl. In spite of her earlier selfishness, she cared for both her friends and Earth, the very reasons she fought for both.

When the stories about how she first ruled over Earth as a colony and held out against a series of full-scale onslaughts were told, Pink was portrayed by former rebels as being a mercilessly cruel tyrant who laughed callously at Rose Quartz's desperate pleas to spare her colony from eventual destruction and dismissing her so she could be sent back to her post, yet a surprisingly massive coward as she immediately called for help from the other Diamonds and ultimately all of the Gem Homeworld itself when faced with outright uprisings. It could be implied this would have been her character had she gone down a much darker path than the one she ended up choosing, though Pink may have spread these stories about herself as Rose as the rest of Gemkind hadn't known of her true story. As Rose Quartz, Pink hid her true nature from everyone except Pearl, the one who originally suggested she take on the form of a Rose Quartz to begin with. She later made her swear to secrecy so none of her other allies and not a single one of her enemies knew of her real identity. This continued for thousands of years after the war until Pearl revealed the truth to Steven about Pink's fake shattering.

Though she was playful towards them and wished for their happiness as mentioned in "Change Your Mind" Pink seemed to have a dim and jaded view on the subject of how her own gemstone kindred, especially WhiteYellow and Blue Diamond viewed her. This view might've come from their frequent harsh scoldings, her feelings of never fitting in with the Diamond Authority and constant punishments of being locked up or even physically attacked for little acts such as letting alien worms loose in the Diamonds' Palace and how her pleas to spare Earth always fell on deaf ears. In consequence, Pink believed that her fellow Diamonds didn't care for or couldn't care less about her so she wouldn't be missed if she was gone, something which led to her faking her shattering but inadvertently also the corruption of many Earthbound gems.

Pink's earlier selfishness and anger as portrayed by Stevonnie were most likely also an offshoot of her punishments and being ignored by her fellow Diamonds with these negative traits possibly overshadowing her more positive ones.


  • Most of the ancient ruins on Earth have the Pink Diamond symbol, such as the Ancient Sky Arena.
  • Pearl's space suit outfit sports a pink diamond in the chest, possibly hinting at Pearl's past affiliation with Pink Diamond.
    • Sardonyx has pink diamonds on her shoes, which most likely comes from Pearl.



Gemstone Information

  • Pink diamonds are a diamond variety with the chemical formula C.
  • They are a pink variety that come in a large range of colors, anywhere from light to deep hot pink to mauve.
  • Like other diamonds, they’re transparent and have next to no inclusions.
  • In terms of rarity, pink diamonds are on the rare side of diamonds.
  • They are, like other diamonds used in jewelry, being made into faceted gemstones.
  • Pink diamonds are found in the country of Australia, where they are very rare and sought after.
  • Just like diamonds, pink diamonds have an amazing rating of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it at the top.
  • Pink diamonds are associated with love, compassion, and romance. This is similar to many other pink gemstones and minerals.


Image Description
Pink Diamond's gemstone is located on her navel. It has a diamond facet and is shaped like an upside-down diamond.