Peach Quartz is KJD’s interpretation of the fusion of Pink Diamond and Jasper.

Appearance Edit

Peach Quartz has an appearance similar to that of other Peach Quartzes; however, due to being a fusion of a Diamond she is larger than other Peach Quartzes. She has peach skin with apricot stripes, four apricot eyes with black pupils, no nose (with her gemstone acting as a nose) and a small mouth with defined lips and apricot lipstick. Her hair is short and poofy, being light peach in color. Her top pair of arms are long and thin while her four arms that function as legs are long and muscular with large hands. Her gemstones are where her nose would be and on her naval and are apricot in color.

She wears an apricot, light apricot, and warm brown leotard with a diamond-shaped cutout at her navel and a warm brown glove on her right arm only. She also wears apricot and light apricot ripped leggings with cutouts for all of her fingers.

Personality Edit

She appears to be unstable due to her conflicting feelings and emotions.

Abilities Edit

Peach Quartz possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Gemology Edit

Peach Quartz irl

Gemstone Information

  • Peach quartz can help one to transcend the mundane aspects of life, to open up to the Divine, and to discover their true intent that is for the highest good.
  • Using peach quartz also helps to promote an understanding of how to connect one's dreams to their reality.
  • The clearing of these blockages can help one to recover self-respect, independence, creativity, and sociability.
  • Peach quartz can support those who work in public service by keeping their focus on the needs of others.
  • Carry peach quartz with you when you find it difficult to express yourself emotionally or when you feel that you are lacking in personal power.

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