Orthoclase is a Gem, and an original Gemsona created by KJD. She is currently fused with Albite as Moonstone in the planet they were left behind.

Appearance Edit

Orthoclase has cream skin, styled, light cream hair, two eyes with bronze irises and no pupils, thin lips, and rounded shoulders. She has a moderately thick build with a round chest, a thick waist, and medium hips. Her gemstone is embedded in her chest.

She wears a bi-color lemon and dark yellow crop top with a diamond cutout around her gemstone. She wears a pair of dark yellow shorts, a tied yellow-shaded skirt, and dark yellow, toeless socks.

Personality Edit

Orthoclase is super protective and only cares about the well being of Albite. She has very little self-worth and lacks confidence.[6] Orthoclase is fiesty, stubborn but doesn’t really get angry.[7]

Orthoclase doesn't have any concern for her own well being, all she cares about is keeping Albite safe and wants her to be happy. She has no self-confidence.[8]

Orthoclase has some serious self-worth issues. Homeworld determined that her life was worthless when they gave them the orders to sacrifice themselves if necessary for the Gems they guard, and since that's all she's ever been told it’s hard to believe in anything else. Albite tries to show her that they should be equals, no more or less important than each other. She also believes she's defective because she doesn't enjoy nor want to fight.[9]

Abilities Edit

Orthoclase possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Fusions Edit

Fusions with canon Gems Edit

Fusions with KJD's Gems Edit

  • When fused with Albite and Jade, they form Seraphinite

Fusions with fanon Gems Edit

Unique Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Defensive Fighting: Orthoclase has skilled fighting abilities.
    • Agility: She can be very agile while fighting.[13]
    • Enhanced Awareness: She has an increased sense of awareness of her immediate surroundings.[14]

Relationships Edit

Albite Edit

Orthoclase is in a very deep relationship with Albite, which can be described by their fusion, Moonstone.

They both have a lot of insecurities within themselves, but when they're together as Moonstone they feel confident, happy and just all around complete.

Trivia Edit

  • On Homeworld, Orthoclases are used as disposable bodyguards for worker gems during on-world information gathering and Kindergarten planting in case of hostile life or other unforeseen danger.
  • Orthoclase was often picked on for her kinder disposition by the other members of her squadron who were naturally more ruthless.[15]
  • Her instrument is a vibraphone.[16]

Gemology Edit

Orth real

Gemstone Information

  • Orthoclase, or orthoclase feldspar (endmember formula KAlSi3O8), is an important tectosilicate mineral which forms igneous rock.
  • The name is from the Ancient Greek for "straight fracture," because its two cleavage planes are at right angles to each other.
  • It is a type of potassium feldspar, also known as K-feldspar. The gem known as moonstone is largely composed of orthoclase.
  • Orthoclase is a common constituent of most granites and other felsic igneous rocks and often forms huge crystals and masses in pegmatite.

Gemstone Edit

Image Description
Orth Gemstone
Orthoclase's gemstone is located on her chest. It features a large square facet and is circular in shape.

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