Moonstone is the voluntarily permanent fusion of Albite and Orthoclase, and an original Gemsona created by KJD.

Appearance Edit

Moonstone bears an appearance similar to that of other Moonstones, as she is tall and skinny with a light profile. She has light blue skin, four yellow and blue eyes with black pupils (two of which are on the back of her head and have blue sclera), a sloped nose, and full lips. Her hair is white and is medium-length, mostly being shaved with a long side bang. Her gemstones are located on her chest and navel and are blue, yellow, and white in color.

She wears a sleeveless white, yellow, and blue dress, a yellow, light blue, and periwinkle waistband, dark blue leggings with cutouts at the toes and heels, and loose yellow anklets.

Personality Edit

As a fusion, Moonstone is the embodiment of a selfless and deeply caring relationship, she's confident and happy just to be herself. She is everything good about them both, they bring out the best in each other.[5] Moonstone is very confident in themselves and just really enjoys being together.[6] Albite and Orthoclase's relationship is good but they got some mad personal and self-esteem issues.[7]

She's basically a pacifist and avoids fighting whenever possible; she can defend herself but the only thing that would make her fight to stop herself from being shattered. She can be naive and too trusting sometimes.[8]

It isn't common that Moonstone shows her mean, scary side, but she's definitely capable of it in the right situation.[9]

KJD stated that Albite and Orthoclase as Moonstone would be a femme fatale and make everyone else flattered.[10]

Abilities Edit

Moonstone possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Fusions Edit

Fusions with canon Gems Edit

Fusions with KJD's Gems Edit

  • When fused with Jade, they form Seraphinite.

Fusions with fanon Gems Edit

Unique Abilities Edit

  • Telepathy: Moonstone has the ability to connect with another Gem's mind and sense the Gems nearby, an ability inherited from Albite.
  • Night Vision: Moonstone has the ability to see in pitch black with her back eyes.
  • Acrobatic Skills: Moonstone can be very agile and flexible in battle.

Relationships Edit

Garnet Edit

Once the Gems know that she isn't a threat they would get along pretty well, along with Garnet, they'd probably just chill.[13] They wouldn't really talk a lot, but have more of an unspoken fusion comradary.[14]

Lapis Lazuli and Peridot Edit

Lapis and Peridot would probably both be a little iffy on Moonstone at first, but get used to her pretty quick. Because of Moonstone's telepathy she can tell if she's starting to annoy people and then react accordingly, and this would probably happen if she's talking too much around someone like Lapis Lazuli when she just wants quiet, so Moonstone would shut up, not because she's reading her mind but more just getting a general sense of increasing annoyance.[15]

History Edit

After disobeying the orders of their commander, Citrine, Albite and Orthoclase were trapped in a prison cell for thousands of years. They were able to get out of there, and they're currently living on the planet they were left by, fused as Moonstone. From there on, now called Moonstone, Moonstone has helped the Crystal Gems.

Moonstone refs-2

Trivia Edit

  • All of the drawings portraying Moonstone interacting with the Crystal Gems are purely hypothetical, as she is currently stranded on the planet Albite and Orthoclase were left by.
  • She's an off color Gem.[16]
  • If Moonstone were a human, her name would be Marama, which means "moon" in Māori. [1]
  • Her favorite real-life game would be Kingdom Hearts. [17]
  • Moonstone's Myers-Briggs personality is ENFP.[18]
  • If Moonstone lived on Earth, she wouldn't eat anything, just drink. [19]
  • Moonstone's zodiac sign is Cancer, which is meant for those who were born from June 22th to July 22th. [20]
  • Moonstone has a British accent. [21]
  • While KJD has stated that Albite and Orthoclase are lesbians, she considers Moonstone herself to be asexual.

Gemology Edit


Gemstone Information

  • Moonstone is a type of feldspar with the chemical formula (NaK)AlSi3O8.
  • It is a popular and well known mineral, being the best known gemstone to display adularescene.
  • Moonstone has multiple colors, usually ranging from white with blue undertones, however, it can be nearly any main color.
  • It gets its iconic shine specifically from different layers of feldspar.
  • It has been used for hundreds of years, being prized in jewelry. Unlike most non transparent minerals, moonstone is faceted into gemstones, however, it is usually made into cabochons.
  • Moonstone comes from multiple countries, those being Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and India.
  • It also has a Mohs Hardness Scale rating of 6, making it strong, but able to be carved.
  • Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and of growth, being a good stone to calm and help the user.

Gemstones Edit

Image Description
Moon alb
Albite's gemstone is located on her midriff. It is unfaceted and ovalline in shape.

Moon orth
Orthoclase's gemstone is located on her chest. It features a large square facet and is circular in shape.


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References Edit

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