Jade is a Crystal Gem, and an original Gemsona created by KJD.

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Jade is strudy and overprotective but a huge pushover. She also worries all the time about absolutely everything.[2]

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Jade was a Crystal Gem that got Corrupted along with the rest. Long after that, she got eaten by Lion.[3]

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Jade possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

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  • Jade is KJD's Gem version.[2]
  • KJD gave her markings where she has scars, except for the chin markings, as they're a reference to traditional tā moko from her culture.[2]

Gemology Edit

Jade irl

Gemstone Information

  • Jade is an ornamental rock, mostly known for its green varieties, which feature prominently in ancient Asian art.
  • The term jade is applied to two different metamorphic rocks that are composed of different silicate minerals:
    • Nephrite consists of a microcrystalline interlocking fibrous matrix of the calcium, magnesium-iron rich amphibole mineral series tremolite (calcium-magnesium)-ferroactinolite (calcium-magnesium-iron).
    • Jadeite is a sodium- and aluminium-rich pyroxene. The precious form of jadeite jade is a microcrystalline interlocking growth of jadeite crystals.
  • Nephrite jade in New Zealand is known as pounamu in the Māori language (often called "greenstone" in New Zealand English), and plays an important role in Māori culture.

Gemstone Edit

Image Description
Jade Gemstone
Jade's gemstone is located on her mid back.[2] It is ovalline and polished.

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