Fire Opal is KJD’s interpretation of the fusion of Jasper and Pearl.

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit

Nothing is known about Fire Opal’s personality yet.

Abilities Edit

Fire Opal possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

  • Flanged mace Proficiency : Fire Opal can combine Pearl's spear and Jasper's crash helmet into a flanged mace, which she is very skilled with.
  • Spin Dash: Inherited from Jasper, Fire Opal can roll into a ball-like formation to charge into enemies.
  • Item Summon: Inherited from Pearl, Fire Opal is able to store items in her gemstones and can bring summon them back.
  • Photokinesis: An ability inherited from Pearl, Fire Opal is able to emit light from her gemstones, similar to a flashlight. This may be an ability all gems have.

Gemology Edit

Fire Opal real

Gemstone Information

  • While an opal is opaque and white, displaying an iridescent play of colors in every color of the rainbow, the Mexican fire opal is transparent to translucent, with a uniform red, orange, yellow, or brownish body color.
    • Iron content is what gives Mexican fire opals their orange color.
  • Physically, it is said to have the power to heal the lower back, kidneys, and can stimulate sexual organs. Mentally, the fire opal is said to be a wonderful stone for those people who are shy and lack self-confidence.
  • The fire opal is also said to be able to help those who have just suffered from abusive relationships.
    • As the stone is said to be able to heal and relieve memories of rape, incest and sexual abuse, it also encourages positive and healthy sexuality and relationships.
  • Fire opals are extremely fragile, and suffer from changes in humidity, temperature, and even light.

Gemstones Edit

Image Description
Fire Opal Jasper Gemstone
Jasper's gemstone is located where her nose otherwise would be. It is triangular, and faceted onto a low point. It also resembles a tetrahedron.

Fire Opal Pearl Gemstone
Pearl's gemstone is located in the center of her forehead. It is a smooth ellipsoid with no facets

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