Blue Lace Agate is the hypothetical fusion of Moonstone (and, by extension, Albite and Orthoclase) and Holly Blue Agate.

Appearance Edit

Blue Lace Agate is a tall and curvy fusion with two sets of arms, a flat chest, large hips, and four curvy legs. Her skim is very light blue with lots of wavy light blue lines, and her eyes are very light blue with navy blue cleats, and two of her eyes are on the back of her head. She also has a sloped and slightly pointed nose and full lips. Her hair is white with stripes of light blue and periwinkle, and it’s in an off center bun. Her arms come from her shoulders while her legs come from her hips, and they’re all long and curvy. Her gemstones are on her chest, navel, and on the back of her head and are light blue and white.

She wears a cool blue and dark blue dress with flared white sleeves, dark blue gloves, matching leggings, and very tall white high heeled boots.

Personality Edit

Blue Lace Agate has a bipolar kind of personality, in a way that her personality kind of has the two different extremities she moves between.[2]

Abilities Edit

Blue Lace Agate possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Skillset Edit

  • Electric Whip Proficiency: With the desire to discipline others, Blue Lace Agate can summon a blue whip with electrical currents running down it.
  • Electric Kusarigama Proficiency: Blue Lace Agate possesses the ability to combine Albite's partisan, Orthoclase's chakrams, and Holly Blue Agate's whip into a pair of electric kusarigamas, which can be summoned from her gemstones.
  • Telepathy: Blue Lace Agate has the ability to connect with another gem's mind and sense Gems nearby, an ability inherited from Albite.

Trivia Edit

  • Blue Lace Agate eyes move around her face like Rorschach's mask to represent the struggle for control this fusion would have.[3]

Gemology Edit


Gemstone Information

  • Blue lace agate is a quartz variety with the chemical formula SiO2.
  • It is obviously a variety of agate, making it also a variety of quartz.
  • Blue lace agates are occasionally confused with the similar stone holly blue agate.
  • It has a light blue color, having bands of white and light blue. It’s also opaque like other agates.
  • Blue lace agate come from the countries of Namibia and South Africa, and only from those countries.
  • Because of the way blue lace agate looks, it’s often collected.
  • Just like all other agates and quartzes, it has a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.
  • Blue lace agate is believed to be a stone of speaking and communication, helping soft spoken people to speak their minds.

Gemstones Edit

Image Description
Blue Lace Albite Gemstone
Albite's gemstone is located on her midriff. It is unfaceted and ovalline in shape.

Blue Lace Orthoclase Gemstone
Orthoclase's gemstone is located on her chest. It features a large square facet and is circular in shape.
Blue Lace Holly Blue Gemstone
Holly Blue Agate's gemstone is located on the back of her head, just above her neck. It features an inverted kite-shaped facet and is shaped like a teardrop.

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