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    May 3, 2017 by DAVID.EXE

    First appearance of Albite, Orthoclase, and Moonstone
    Drawing of Moonstone with some personality info
    Animation of Orthoclase summoning her chakrams
    Sneak peak of Moonstone's fusion dance
    Animation of Moonstone's fusion dance
    Turnaround sheet for Albite
    Turnaround sheet for Orthoclase
    Animation of Albite summoning her spear
    Drawing of Moonstone in casual clothing
    Animation of Moonstone using her scythe
    The background
    Moonstone origin comic part 1
    WIP Moonstone turnaround animation
    Moonstone origin comic part 2
    Rough Moonstone sketches
    Orthoclase holding Albite sketch
    Sneak peak of Moonstone meeting Steven
    Animation of Moonstone meeting Steven
    Drawing of Moonstone with Ice
    Moonstone reacting to kind messages
    Animation of Smoky Quartz
    Quick summary on Moonstone…

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