Apatite is KJD's interpretation of the fusion of Lapis Lazuli and Holly Blue Agate.

Appearance Edit

Apatite has a tall body with two arms, a long torso, and four long and curvy legs. Her skin is light blue and she has four deep periwinkle eyes with black pupils, a sloped and pointed nose, and full lips. Her hair is deep periwinkle with periwinkle and light periwinkle striped accents, and it is styled in an updo that is wide and narrow. Her four legs all connect at her hips and are as mentioned long and curvy. Her gemstones are on the back of her head and upper back and are cool blue.

She wears a royal blue bodysuit with a blue and navy blue shawl, and her bodysuit has cutouts on all her feet exposing her toes.

Personality Edit

Nothing is known about Apatite’s personality yet.

Abilities Edit

Apatite possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Skillset Edit

  • Electric Whip Proficiency: Apatite can summon Holly Blue Agate’s electric whip.

Unique Abilities Edit

  • Hydrokinesis: Apatite has control over Lapis Lazuli's ability to control water.
    • Flight: She can create water wings using her hydrokinesis and, presumably, fly.

Gemology Edit


Gemstone Information

  • Apatite is a common and important mineral with the chemical formula Ca5(PO4)3(FClOH).
  • It is not a mineral itself, but rather a group of minerals, more specifically a group of phosphate minerals.
  • Apatite can come in colors ranging from green and yellow to brown and pink, however the most desired color is blue. Depending on the specimen it can also be transparent or translucent.
  • The multiple types of apatite can be found in many countries ranging from Norway to the United States of America to South Africa, making it extremely wide spread.
  • Apatite is used for fertilizer due to the fact that it contains phosphorus, an important element for plants and gardening. It’s also sometimes used for jewelry.
  • It has the most average Mohs Hardness Scale rating, being 5. Apatite is the most well known mineral with that rating and is seen as the standard for said rating.
  • Using apatite for crystal healing is said to be good at clearing confusion, frustration, and misunderstanding.

Gemstones Edit

Image Description
Holly Blue Agate’s gemstone is located on the back of her head, just above her neck. It features an inverted kite-shaped facet and is shaped like a teardrop.

Lapis Lazuli's gemstone is located in the center of her back and is smooth without any facets. It is shaped like a teardrop.

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